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Wine Tasting at Market Place Wine Bar

marketplace -spokane wine bar

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 On December 6th a few residents and friends had the opportunity to visit the Market Place Wine Bar for a complementary wine tasting. This is a cozy and enjoyable place to sip some local vino, nestled downtown on the corner of Second Ave and Browne. The Market Place Wine Bar opened in 2011 and features two wineries, Emvy Cellars and Bridge Press Cellars.

The owners Mark & Valerie of Emvy, and Brian & Melody, of Bridge Press were kind enough to open their doors to us for a private taste and viewing of their expanded new location opening in May of 2013. We had the privilege to sample five different red wines. The manager of the bar, Carter, filled up our glasses, as we dined on a delicious spread of meats, cheeses, chocolates, artisan bread and the most amazing almonds I think I’ve ever tasted.

While we all sipped various blends of Cabernet’s, Merlot’s and Malbec’s, Melody and Valerie answered questions and shared some of the history and science of their signature

wines. I enjoyed seeing the passion and enthusiasm when they spoke about their craft and the pride of using 100% French oak barrels in the process and perfection of the wines, as well as, learning about they usage of berries from all over the western states.

One of the noteworthy samples of the five was the Pepper Bridge 2009 Merlot. It had a heavy start, smooth lengthy end and a distinct deep berry taste that lingered. I imagined this wine as the sleek Ferrari of wines or the bad boy your mother warned you about. Another was the Bridge Press 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon. Being a fan of Cabs in general this one was very pleasing. It had a thick middle like honey with a finish like rich velvet. These were the first wines I’ve tasted since becoming vegan that made me wish I could’ve paired it with a nice Chateaubriand.

The stories behind the names and labels of the wines were charming. One of my favorite stories was about the Devotion wine by Emvy, which was named after the relationship the owners have shared since they were children.

All in all, the Market Place Wine Bar is not to be missed. You’ll not only fall in love with the rotating original art, the delicious tasty treats and

the amazing wines. But, you’ll also appreciate being in the com- pany of people who truly love what they do and are grateful to share it with others. Cheers to that!

Carter, can you top me off please and could I get some more of those almonds?

Market Place Wine Bar located at 39 West 2nd Avenue, Spokane, WA
(509) 474-1070